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Using Sitecore Report Queries to get analytics data in your code

Sitecore out of box provides lots of useful reports to analyze all kinds of different data in your site. Learn how to use this in your code.

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Importance of making sure that correct xmlns:patch attribute is in included Sitecore config files

Weird issue you might encounter if you don't have correct xmlns:patch attribute in your included Sitecore config file.

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How do I reset Sitecore admin password?

Forgot your Sitecore admin password and now you cannot login? Maybe you restored databases from a client locally and you want to reset the admin password?

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Why upgrade Sitecore 6.x or 7.x to Sitecore XP 8.2?

The latest release of the Sitecore Experience Platform, Version 8.2, is based on years of industry experience.

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Sample unit tests for a Sitecore pipeline

Just a quick overview of couple of unit test samples for a custom Sitecore pipleline utilizing Glass Mapper and Moq.

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Sitecore 301 Redirect Module in a multi site setup

This one is super easy but I've been asked how to do this couple of times already so I thought I'd share a quick way to implement 301 redirects in a multi site setup.

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How to bundle css and js files in Sitecore MVC

Let's go over how to bundle your css and js files in Sitecore MVC. We are keeping it simple today.

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Sitecore Custom 301 Redirects Pipeline using a CSV file

There are already couple of 301 Redirect modules for Sitecore but what if you just want to use a single CSV file with thousands of 301 redirects and do it without any updates to the Sitecore content tree...

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Installing yuuuge Sitecore package

Installing large sitecore packages can be a painfully long process. You can greatly improve installation speed by temporarily disabling Sitecore search indexing.

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Custom Sitecore 404 Page in a controller and writing a unit test

Recently I had to create a custom pipeline for a 404 page in Sitecore and write a unit test for it. I am going to demonstrate how to implement 404 page in a controller action and then we are going to write a unit test for it.

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