Sitecore xDB - Capturing Contact Data from non-Sitecore Site - Part 1 - Overview


This will be a series of blog posts on a recent implementation I did for a client to capture additional contact data from multiple non-Sitecore sites all of which are configured through Federated Experience Manager (FXM). The actual implementation has multiple levels of security, has been performance tested for 1,000+ requests per second and can handle large numbers of high traffic non-Sitecore sites.

This series is a simplified version of the implementation and it is demonstrating how to set this up for a single site.

The implementation was done in Sitecore 8.2 Update 5, however it can be applied to any other recent Sitecore version, including Sitecore 9, with little to no modifications.

To follow through the upcoming blogs you should be familiar with FXM and xDB Contacts. If you are not up-to-date on those or need a refresher course here are couple of links you should go through before you start.

There are many more articles and info about these topics online. Feel free to do some research :)

This series will cover the following:

  1. Overview (this blog)
  2. How to setup non-Sitecore site in FXM
  3. How to capture available contact data from non-Sitecore site
  4. How to import captured contact data into Sitecore xDB

End results

The below screenshot is an example of how profile experience page for a contact that has been added through external non-Sitecore site looked like before and hot it looks like after this implementation. You can see that "after" screenshot of profile page has first and last name, email, postal code and country info.

Source Code

All code is available in the GitHub repository.


Next blog article will start explaining how to achieve the above solution.

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