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Custom Sitecore 404 Page in a controller and writing a unit test

Recently I had to create a custom pipeline for a 404 page in Sitecore and write a unit test for it. I am going to demonstrate how to implement 404 page in a controller action and then we are going to write a unit test for it.

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Sitecore Custom 301 Redirects Pipeline using a CSV file

There are already couple of 301 Redirect modules for Sitecore but what if you just want to use a single CSV file with thousands of 301 redirects and do it without any updates to the Sitecore content tree...

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How to bundle css and js files in Sitecore MVC

Let's go over how to bundle your css and js files in Sitecore MVC. We are keeping it simple today.

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Sample unit tests for a Sitecore pipeline

Just a quick overview of couple of unit test samples for a custom Sitecore pipleline utilizing Glass Mapper and Moq.

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Importance of making sure that correct xmlns:patch attribute is in included Sitecore config files

Weird issue you might encounter if you don't have correct xmlns:patch attribute in your included Sitecore config file.

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Sitecore Experience Accelerator - Set Rendering Datasource to Parent

Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) is a great new Sitecore tool with lots of potential. Unfortunately, setting rendering datasource to parent isn't straightforward.

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